Lawn service:

Commercial & Residential Service

Weekly mowing service

Lawn Mowing.

Trimming around fences, trees and object on property.

Blowing off walks and drives to remove clippings.

Seasonal Clean Up

General cleanup of flowerbeds, gardens and shrub lines.

Hand raking if needed.

Removal of leaves.

Edging: Sidewalks, Drives & Gardens

Give your walks, drives and gardens that clean manicured look. Stop grass from entering your flower beds.


Aerating is really a simple process. It consists of Perforating the soil (and any thatch above it) with small holes, which allow water, air, and fertilizer to get to the roots. Aerating enables the roots to grow deeper and produce more vigorous lawn.


Early spring time is the best time for thatching. Managing that is important component of maintaining a healthy lawn. Thatch, which is a woven layer of decay resistant stems, roots, rhizomes and stolons may prevent a lawn from receiving proper nutrients and air.

Pruning Service:

Improve tree and shrub health by pruning dead branches. Most pruning is done early spring summer, and early fall.

Mulching Service:

Delivery & Installation.

Improve your curb appeal with new mulch.

Mulch around trees, shrubs and gardens. These organic materials won’t hurt your garden.

Mulching Benefits:

Helps stop soil erosion.

Helps keep the soil moist.

Adds nutrients to your soil.

Fertilization Programs:

Slow-Release Fertilizer.

• Broadleaf Control.

White Grub Control.

Tick Control.

We use the highest quality products and fertilizers.

JK Lawn Service